Autofrost Corp.: The Ice Cream Solution

Here at Autofrost, we have a rich history of providing quality ice cream to meet our customers’ needs. Our business started as a scoop ice cream shop, has grown to become the premiere wholesale distributor of ice cream novelties and treats for the Midwest region. Autofrost began as Renwald’s Ice Cream, a family-owned ice cream shop started by C. Edward Renwald in 1949 in Munster, Indiana. Edward’s son, Tom, expanded the business by selling premium name brand products, using carts to peddle ice cream novelties on the streets of Northwest Indiana. Tom’s sons, Thom and Ed, grew the vending business, replacing the carts with a fleet of ice cream trucks centered at various locations throughout the Midwest.

Today, our business has grown from vending to the distribution of ice cream novelties, paletas, pints, and more. We carry a complete selection of frozen treats for distribution to street vendors, convenience stores, chain restaurants, and special events. Our low temperature trucks and freezers guarantee a fresh product, and our outstanding customer service makes us easy to work with. Plus, our competitive prices ensure maximum profitability for our clients. We currently maintain over 2,500 accounts at locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Southwest Michigan, and we are proud to service two of the Midwest’s largest markets in Chicago and Indianapolis. In business since 1949, our family has worked hard to deliver a quality product to an ever changing market. We are proud to be a leader in the ice cream distribution industry in the Midwest, and we are dedicated to providing a solution to your ice cream needs.

Direct Store Distribution

Place a custom order, and we’ll stock and maintain a freezer full of brand name ice cream treats for your business.

Street Vending

Whether you have a truck or a push-cart, we’re ready to provide your vending business with a wide range of ice cream products.

Vending Machines

Give us some space and an outlet, and we’ll provide you with a vending machine chock full of grab-and-go frozen treats sure to please your customers.

Special Events

Trying to make your event extra special? Let us bring the fun with our catering and mobile vending.

School Programs

If you’re looking to add some fun to your school lunch menu, look no further. We carry a variety of frozen treats to meet your nutritional needs.

Sub Distributors

If you distribute ice cream to your own customers, our team is ready to help. Our warehouse is fully stocked to provide you with all of the premium brands that your customers crave.